Probably my favorite part of working at BU Central is the LIVE: series that we host. We’ve brought in some incredible artists since we’ve opened back in 2006 (Tristan Prettyman, Ra Ra Riot, Young the Giant, Das Racist, Cults, and Oh Land, just to name a few). Even just thinking back on this year, we’ve […]

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to lose 20 pounds. Or maybe it was to gain 20 pounds, but all in muscle. Or maybe it was to Skype your parents more or stop partying so much on the weekends. Unfortunately, I’m probably not the best person to ask how all of those steel-and-titanium machines at […]

I know, I know; you’re stressed. You had four papers due this week and eleven midterms and sixty-two chemistry problem sets and then your car caught on fire and you broke your leg after you tripped over your shoelaces (even though you were wearing flip-flops), and life just sucks. But given the option, which would you […]

Black holes vibrate at a frequency whose pitch corresponds to the note of B flat. However, don’t be surprised if you can’t find any recordings of it; the note that black holes create is 57 octaves below any B flat that can be detected by human ears. The above fact blows my mind for a […]

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the National Association of Campus Activities’ annual Northeast conference. The conference consisted of a variety of different events, including education sessions and time slots where schools could show off their programming councils and campus activities boards. During the afternoons, NACA held showcases where various bands, comedians, […]

Happy Halloween! I know that many of us are still recovering from the hilarity of the Daily Free Now’s Hurricane Sandy playlist, but the onset of Halloween is just begging for its own set of special occasion-relevant tunes. In addition to seeing at least a handful of students walking down Comm. Ave in their best Halloween […]

As a classical music lover and ex-cellist, I always feel like it’s my civic duty to get other people to think that classical music is cool, too. Some of my friends occasionally listen to it; a friend named Caroline listens to classical music on Spotify while studying, and some other friends jokingly play it so […]