2013 was quite a year for Hip Hop/Rap music. Pretty much every major name in the rap game came out with an album. From Jay-Z to Eminem, we were blessed to hear some new music from the people we love to hear music from. But, if 2013 was the year for the big dogs, then let […]

Last week BU Hip Hop released its first mixtape – BUHH Vol. 1: The ILL Rhetoric. It holds 16 songs, over 20 rappers, and several different flows. You’ll be surprised as to how good this mixtape actually is. And I say that just because Hip Hop isn’t always at the forefront of Boston University’s culture. To […]

Unreleased Drake video finds its way online

Drake’s songs are entertaining, his albums are well-thought-out, and his music is great. There’s no questioning any of that, but his music videos can always be better. Last week, Mikael Columbu released the visuals intended for Drake’s song “We’ll Be Fine.” The song is from Drake’s Take Care album, which was released back in 2011. Columbu is known for his […]

I spy with my little eye... New York Rap

Trinidad James took a shot at New York rap while performing in New York a couple of weeks ago. He boldly stated Southern rap runs New York rap. Whether James’ was in the right place to speak or not, he created a great lunch room debate – is Southern rap better than today’s New York […]

Pharrell’s song “Happy” is the happiest video of all time, and if you don’t feel that way the first couple of hours than just keep watching. The music video is 24-hours long. Yes, 24-hours long. It’s an interactive music video that loops the four minute song over and over for 24 hours. It can be […]