I know it’s a Friday at 6:00 and the last thing anyone wants to think about is work. But what if you worked in an office like this?! I know I certainly wouldn’t wanna leave! The Office is one of my favorite shows; I’ve been a dedicated fan for 6 years/seasons.  Although I must admit, this […]

Okay all you blog-readers out there, I’m about to change things up a bit down here at BU Central. As you may know, I’ve recently become a bittt of a country fan — don’t judge! Yes, it’s true you don’t hear that too much in a city like Boston, but I’m telling you, at least […]

You know those nights when you wake up every hour on the hour for absolutely no reason? 2 am, 3 am, 4 am… yeah, that was me last night. Like any normal college student, I usually sleep like a rock for every spare minute I possibly can, but for whatever reason there’s always one of […]

Small talk can lead to some pretty sweet finds. I was catching up with my friend Jamie today, and she mentioned how pumped she was for next weekend – not for Halloween, but to see one of the bands she loves, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, in New York City for their annual tour called “Hallowmas.” Needless […]

Everyone does it. Don’t even try to deny. You get lost in a time lapse of pictures and links and all of a sudden you’ll look at the clock and you’ve successfully shot 45 minutes to hell. Well, in an attempt to make some use of my cyber day-dreaming, here is a small collection of some of […]

I am a huge fan of mashups and this is one of my personal favorites. If you haven’t heard this mix, you need to. In under 30 seconds, you’re gunna be fighting the urge to dance like nobody’s watchin… just give in. Called “Ear Candy” by 5 & A Dime, it’s a full half hour […]

It’s a muggy, rainy Friday night – who wants to go out? Instead, grab a bunch of friends and forget about this dreary weather – come down to BU Central for the Red Sox v. Yankees game! There’ll be a bunch of free food, as always! Traditionally, baseball players each get to choose a song […]