If singer-songwriters are your thing (and even if they aren’t), you should give Kina Grannis a listen. I’ve been a fan of the California native since her early days on Youtube in 2007. Her soft voice ranges from producing kind love ballads to strong pop pieces. So far, she has released numerous EPs and an […]

With the snow piling up and the nights getting longer, it is only appropriate that I hibernate in my dorm room for long periods of time. In the midst of my hibernation, my roommate introduced me to JT Royster. I was instantly captivated by the soft melodies and calm lullaby of his voice. Royster is […]

Reuben and the Dark Interview + Upcoming FREE show on 11/16

Born from the lovely winter chill of Canada, Reuben and the Dark (Reuben Bullock—lead vocals and guitar, Distance Bullock—drums, Shea Alain—multi-instrumentalist, Dillon Whitfield—bass and keys, and Scott Monroe—bass and keys *not touring*) is a group of soulful, brotherly, folk-laden lads that are definitely one to keep an eye on, eh. Here in Boston for the first […]

I’ve got a case of the Wednesday blues. I’m rather sad, so I thought I’d share a calming tune with you all. “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow is a wonderful song that reminds me of hot chocolate and scenic landscapes. The bittersweet lyrics resonate within my soul. Listen to it on a rainy day, […]

"Hazy" is the perfect song for autumn

I came across this song over the summer while scouring the depths of YouTube. I had mixed feelings about it, but the more I listened, the more I could not stop listening. I had never heard anything from Rosi Golan or William Fitzsimmons before, but this song made me want to explore their stuff. It’s a very soft, […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] There’s something special about listening to a song and barely understanding a single word. To lose yourself in the actual music rather than a song’s lyrical context is to appreciate it under a completely new light. With Boston weather treating us quite well over the past couple of days, I decided […]