Hello, friends! Here I am, four-ish months since my last Twenty One Pilots concert review, and I am still completely obsessed. I went to see them live at the House of Blues on Thursday, and without fail, the show was sold out. For good reason, too. The house opened with Hunter Hunted and NONONO, who […]

You may recognize this artist from his single a few years back, “A Drop in the Ocean”, which has over 30 million hits on YouTube. But I assure you he’s more than just that single. Ron Pope kicked off 2014 with his ninth studio album entitled Calling Off the Dogs. Once again, Pope enthralls his listeners […]

We The Kings releases new, fan-funded album

You may remember We The Kings bursting into the alternative music scene in 2007 with “Skyway Avenue” and rising to fame with the platinum single “Check Yes Juliet.” While the band has remained successful for years, the five-piece has approached their fourth full-length album in a less traditional way. The band released a video statement […]

The Goo Goo Dolls continue to exist, continue to make great alt-rock

The Goo Goo Dolls have basically been around forever. We all know “Iris” is one of the best, or most widely known alternative rock songs of all time, but their most recent album has quite a few gems that have so far remained relatively undiscovered. Magnetic was released in June of this year and, aside […]

Song of the Moment: "Ballroom Bones" - The Ceremonies

Can you feel it? The crisp breeze is becoming a little sharper. It’s getting colder and colder. Even Bay State Road is looking a little grey. Winter is fast approaching and my mood is quickly declining. To combat this unfortunate feeling, I’ve found the perfect song to distract me. “Ballroom Bones” by The Ceremonies is […]

Jessica Dobson has to be one of the coolest female musicians. There, I said it. Signed to Atlantic Records at just 19, she has since recorded two solo albums. If you don’t yet feel incredibly lame and unaccomplished, she has also been an official member of The Shins and has played with Spoon, Beck, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. […]

Nick Santino releases EP perfect for autumn road trip-ing

A couple weeks ago I reviewed Nick Santino and the Northern Wind’s EP, Going Home. This past week they released a new EP called The Ones You Meet Along the Way: A Collection of Stories from the Road. Since then, I’ve been playing it while walking to class, riding the bus, struggling to write a […]