Soon, the horror that is known as midterms will be over. Spring break is just around the corner to welcome us with open arms. When it does, I’ll be blasting Betty Who through the streets of San Francisco. Who is a 22-year-old Australian native that has recently graced America with her presence. She released her EP, The […]

Nick Santino appears lonely while performing without former band

After a red eye flight from San Francisco to Boston, a restless nap, and some chicken quesadillas from the dining hall; I went to go watch This Century and Nick Santino on their Up Close and Personal tour. The concert was held at Brighton Music Hall with opening acts Rhett Price and Jillette Johnson. Rhett […]

Twenty One Pilots tear it up at Paradise

When everyone said that the Twenty One Pilots show was sold out, I definitely underestimated the number of people that would eventually crowd into the Paradise Rock Club this past Tuesday, December 2nd. The sardine analogy would be an understatement. Doors opened at 7:02 sharp and the opening bands took the stage soon after. Sirah, the first opener, […]

If you're not listening to Charli XCX or Kitten, you're doing something wrong

If you’re not listening to Charli XCX or Chloe Chaidez of Kitten, you’re missing out on two of the most incredible chicks in the music industry.  These ladies not only have amazing musical sensibility, but they also possess a demanding and feisty stage presence, creating a really fun live entertainment environment. Kitten recently opened for […]

Dan Deacon is pretty great, heads up. Before I get too caught up on talking about how great he is, let me tell you about this amazing opportunity. Tonight. 7pm. Concert. What. Up. Meet me there and we will jam out with our yams out. Anyway. Remember this? That’s Dan Deacon. Dan Deacon also makes […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] If any of y’all have chilled in BU Central while I’ve been on shift, chances are you’ve heard Geographer before. The band has described their sound as “soulful music from outer space” and that certainly isn’t far from the truth. The use of synthesizers and cello in addition to standard band […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] One of the best things about living in a major city? Easy access to concerts! I spent much of my freshman year getting acquainted with Boston’s numerous venues , and I intend to keep that up this year. My schedule may now be a bit more rigorous, but y’all can bet […]