On Friday, April 11th, London Grammar played a sold out show at Paradise Rock Club. Joined by their opening act, Haerts, both bands definitely made my $15 ticket worth it. Though I enjoyed Haerts‘s sound, at times it was quite hard to actually to hear their lyrics and the microphones seemed to be way too loud. […]

If you're not listening to Charli XCX or Kitten, you're doing something wrong

If you’re not listening to Charli XCX or Chloe Chaidez of Kitten, you’re missing out on two of the most incredible chicks in the music industry.  These ladies not only have amazing musical sensibility, but they also possess a demanding and feisty stage presence, creating a really fun live entertainment environment. Kitten recently opened for […]

Mercury Prize winner entrances House of Blues

The stage was masked in an ethereal purplish blue haze, highlighting Rob McAndrews’ guitar and sampler, Ben Assiter’s drumkit, and James Blake’s keys and synth. At 9:04 P.M. last Tuesday, “And Holy Ghost” gradually started playing and the cries of the giant mass of people filling the House of Blues were answered by the lights and […]

Reuben and the Dark Interview + Upcoming FREE show on 11/16

Born from the lovely winter chill of Canada, Reuben and the Dark (Reuben Bullock—lead vocals and guitar, Distance Bullock—drums, Shea Alain—multi-instrumentalist, Dillon Whitfield—bass and keys, and Scott Monroe—bass and keys *not touring*) is a group of soulful, brotherly, folk-laden lads that are definitely one to keep an eye on, eh. Here in Boston for the first […]

Yellow Ostrich is back in Beantown, yo

Yellow Ostrich finally returned to Boston after a noticed two-year absence and was happily met with a wicked crowd of people who came out to Paradise Rock Club the night of November 2nd to hear some rad tunes by these dudes opening for The Dismemberment Plan. Lead singer and guitarist, Alex Schaaf, welcomed an incredibly […]

Concert Preview: The Mowgli's on 11/15

Pure feel-good music. That’s the only way I can describe The Mowgli’s. They have an expected light and happy SoCal sound. Their song “Hi, Hey There, Hello” is the kind of song that makes it impossible to frown and can even make the gray, rainy weather as of late seem a little sunnier than it […]

Hooked on Phoenix

Phoenix is always a good show. I admit that I am incredibly biased because they are one of my favorite bands, but I am very serious. I have seen them three times in the past six months. I know, I know. That just seems excessive, but it means that I have more than enough evidence. First […]