Artists to Watch: Meghan Tonjes

YouTube has always been a source that I count on for new music when I get bored of my iTunes library. About three years ago I discovered the lovely Meghan Tonjes, a Michigan native with the voice of an angel. She’s placed in the singer/songwriter category and currently has three EPs out. Besides just making her […]

Hold On, We're Hitting Repeat

With the stress of midterms weighing on my anxious, what-the-hell-should-I-be-expecting, freshman brain, there is literally one song that has aided me through the two-week affair.  Seriously, you can ask my poor roommate, who has been forced to listen to this single tune on repeat since the moment I discovered it.  Unfortunately for her, I’m not […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] British pop star Jessie J co-wrote Miley Cyrus’s infectious classic “Party in the USA.” One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder is also a prominent songwriter and producer, crafting tracks for the likes of Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, and Adele. Even Ke$amp;ha has gotten into the writing-music-for-others game, taking a co-writer credit on Britney […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] I’m not sure about all y’all, but the world of music was very kind to me over the weekend. THREE of my most anticipated albums of the year leaked, giving me a ton of new tracks to keep me patient for at least another week or so. It’s been over a […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] This might already be obvious to those who have read my previous posts, but I have a serious thing for covers. In keeping with that, I nearly burst into tears upon checking out this beautifully harmonic cover of Bon Iver‘s “Blindsided.” I can’t say I’m too familiar with Jose Vanders (who […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] YouTube functions as a haven for aspiring musicians, that is to be sure,  but the level on talent exhibited on there is oftentimes very questionable. Once in a while, though, I’ll find someone absolutely brilliant. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be stunned by the beautiful perfection that is Marie Hsiao‘s voice. […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] The Internet almost broke on Friday, April 15. A short low-quality clip of Lady Gaga‘s upcoming single, “Judas,” was leaked online and immediately spread like wildfire. Originally scheduled to be released on April 19, the clip had fans clamoring for more and Gaga responded by releasing the song to iTunes later […]