Unreleased Drake video finds its way online

Drake’s songs are entertaining, his albums are well-thought-out, and his music is great. There’s no questioning any of that, but his music videos can always be better. Last week, Mikael Columbu released the visuals intended for Drake’s song “We’ll Be Fine.” The song is from Drake’s Take Care album, which was released back in 2011. Columbu is known for his […]

James Blake comes thru but Drake can't handle it

So Drake came thru (ha) with one of the biggest releases this year and people ate that shit up. Personally, I thought it was an improvement from Take Care, but it had the potential to be so much more. FOR EXAMPLE: He decided it was a good idea to release the lame-ass version of “Come Thru” instead […]

James Blake vs. Sampha

James Blake. Age? 25. Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present Sampha. Age? 24.  Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present The general biographies of the English vocalists James Blake and Sampha are eerily similar. They are extremely close in age, they rep the same city and they have been active […]

Artists to Watch: Majid Jordan

If you’re an avid Drake fan or if you’ve listened to any Top-40 radio station this past month, you’ve probably heard “Hold On, We’re Coming Home,” his latest single off Nothing Was The Same.  The song predominantly consists of “singing Drake,” but after the first verse, the track is laced with some smooth background vocals […]

Hold On, We're Hitting Repeat

With the stress of midterms weighing on my anxious, what-the-hell-should-I-be-expecting, freshman brain, there is literally one song that has aided me through the two-week affair.  Seriously, you can ask my poor roommate, who has been forced to listen to this single tune on repeat since the moment I discovered it.  Unfortunately for her, I’m not […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]I can say that I managed to create a playlist that consisted of all songs that I had never heard before (or had heard once or twice) and ended up loving. It’s always so refreshing to the ears to listen to new music. And it’s an especially great way to start the new year! The […]

[tweetmeme source= “bucentral” only_single=false] I’m not sure about all y’all, but the world of music was very kind to me over the weekend. THREE of my most anticipated albums of the year leaked, giving me a ton of new tracks to keep me patient for at least another week or so. It’s been over a […]