A Song For A Foggy Day: "Lies" - Marina & The Diamonds

The weather is starting to get colder, the snow is already here, and the sun seems to have disappeared altogether. If you’re like me and get a bit sad this time of year, I have a song for you.  It’s called “Lies” by Marina & The Diamonds. I found this song as I was traveling […]

Frank & Dependent, Hall of Mirrors, Brazil spook up Phoenix Landing

Three songs deep into their October 29th set at Phoenix Landing, Frank & Dependent singer Jane Fitzsimmons leaned into the mic to coyly introduce her band: “We are Insane Clown Posse.” While it was more of an acknowledgment of the evening’s theatrics—almost every act that performed that night was clad in black and white skull […]

Song of the Moment: "Love Ballad" - Tove Lo

It’s midterms time (at least for me), and I thought I’d share with you a wonderful song to start your day. “Love Ballad” by Tove Lo has been on repeat for me over the past two days. I play it when I’m studying, at the gym, walking to class, doing homework, what have you. It’s upbeat and […]

February may have just dumped two feet of snow on Boston, but that’s not all the month has to offer. It’s barely a week in and already there’s tons of great new music to jam to. James Blake’s haunting trance music makes a return to our ears with “Retrograde,” which was accompanied by this delightfully […]