Mashup Monday: "Safe in Silence" - Dr. Brixx

Thank goodness for modern technology. Without it, we’d be without this awesome mix of two great songs. “Car Radio” by Twenty One Pilots is one of my all-time favorite songs (by one of my all-time favorite bands). “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities is a completely different genre of music, but it’s steadily been growing […]

Welcome back, Terriers. I hope you had a wonderful break, just as I did. Let me tell you, I downloaded a large amount of music so I can make some great posts this semester. However, seeing as we have passed into a new year, a new semester, and a new blog post, I would bring […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]Why hello there, How goes it? Is your mother well? Ah, good to hear! Anywhozels, Ive been exploring the music blogosphere and lately there has been several new remixes from the master of dubstep, Bassnectar. The last few remixes he did combined music of other genres, particularly rock songs. I personally love these […]