Pharrell’s song “Happy” is the happiest video of all time, and if you don’t feel that way the first couple of hours than just keep watching. The music video is 24-hours long. Yes, 24-hours long. It’s an interactive music video that loops the four minute song over and over for 24 hours. It can be […]

The Evolution of Kanye West

The musical genius we call Kanye West has gone through more transformations than your favorite Michael Bay movie (Transformers, get it?), and as much as people constantly beg for “Old Kanye” back, he continues to reinvent himself. Let’s take a trip back to the years 2003-2007 when Mr. West began The College Series with The College […]

James Blake comes thru but Drake can't handle it

So Drake came thru (ha) with one of the biggest releases this year and people ate that shit up. Personally, I thought it was an improvement from Take Care, but it had the potential to be so much more. FOR EXAMPLE: He decided it was a good idea to release the lame-ass version of “Come Thru” instead […]

Notably deemed one of  Hip-Hop’s most controversial rappers, Kanye West  recently released a track featuring the “King of Hype Men” DJ Khaled that’ll have you clenching a fist to your mouth while yelling “Oh!” for several verses at time because you couldn’t believe he would say such a thing. But, then again, this is Kanye West we’re […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] So today’s LX340: Language Myths lecture was so interesting that I have to post about it. We discussed linguistic tendencies of non-standard varieties of English–specifically, Ebonics–in terms of infixing, which is when you put a sound or word in the middle of another word (similar to prefixes or suffixes, but in instead […]