Well. I don’t know about you all, but that Super Bowl halftime show from last night still has me overexcited like a little kid on Christmas morning. I’ve already re-watched it more times  than I’d like to admit and it has left me speechless and grinning like an idiot every single time. The performance was […]

It’s strange to think I stepped on campus all the way back in mid-August. It’s strange to think I’m already into my second semester of college. It’s strange to finally experience how freaking cold it is here (Geez!). It’s strange to think I’m back in chemistry again (ew). And it’s strange to think I was just home […]

It’s that time again, people. That is, it’s time for my next post in the Soundtrack Lovin’ series! And this post is being dedicated to another favorite movie of mine – Save the Last Dance (2001). It’s about a white girl whose mother dies suddenly so she is forced to move to a very urban, largely African-American populated […]