If you’re looking for an uplifting, positive-spirited song, you have found the right place, for I have not been able to stop listening to this song (or the album) for the past three weeks. Eli “Paperboy” Reed is an American soul and R&B singer from our very own Beantown. This particular song was released in […]

“Are you an angel,” one audience member asked in the dead silence after humble Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow performed “Red Dust,” his (at the time) unreleased song. I remember two years ago seeing Dublin native, James Vincent McMorrow, play in Milwaukee, WI – the lights were dim and impeccable guitar, piano, and soulful falsetto […]

Boy In A Movie creates ambient dreamscape with release of new EP

Though little information is known about the UK-based Boy In A Movie, one thing is certain: his music is abound with heartfelt lushness and ambient sampling.  His SoundCloud-released EP, Thunder, embodies the unique finesse of Flume and the textural quality of Blackbird Blackbird to create a delicious 22-minute dreamscape. It’s completely worth putting on repeat […]

James Blake vs. Sampha

James Blake. Age? 25. Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present Sampha. Age? 24.  Origin? London, England. Active years? 2009 to the present The general biographies of the English vocalists James Blake and Sampha are eerily similar. They are extremely close in age, they rep the same city and they have been active […]

Song of the Moment: "Old School Love" - Lupe Fiasco (ft. Ed Sheeran)

Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran seem to be an unlikely pairing. Being a fan of both, I was ecstatic to see that they had collaborated, even if I was skeptical as to how the song would sound. They both come from very different genres of music. However, the pair strangely work. “Old School Love” comes off […]

The Neighbourhood and Lovelife rock the Dise

Last Monday evening, dozens of girls lined up outside the Paradise Rock Club to wait for The Neighbourhood. What they got first was UK band Lovelife. Though very different from The Neighbourhood’s heavier sound, they blend R&B-styled lyrics with a synth-pop sound and, from the very first song, they captured everyone’s attention. They play songs […]

"Cavalier" Foretells Some Serious Soul Magic

Before you read anything below, it is imperative that you click the large orange play button on the song featured below. If you have not yet feasted upon James Vincent McMorrow’s newest single off of his upcoming album Post Tropical, you might have been drowning in midterms or maybe getting over a fall flu or maybe a […]