[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]Hallo, Last week I came across this 20 minute radio mix for BBC Radio 1, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. First of all, it’s made by Rusko – one of my favorite musicians by far. Second off all, its really good! Now, anyone who knows me probably knows that I […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]Haldo adventurers, The past two days, I’ve had two songs stuck in my head like no one’s business. They really have nothing in common, except that they both have awesome saxophone parts. In hopes of getting these melodies out of my brain, I’d like to share them with you! 1) Caspa & Rusko: […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] Hey everyone! Are you all as excited for Halloweekend as I am? Unfortunately, I won’t be in Boston to celebrate because I’m trying something new this year: Halloween in Los Angeles! Tomorrow at 7am, I’ll be on my way to La La Land aka the City of Angels to attend Hard Haunted […]

[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I’m all about techno music. At first, I was satisfied with just house / trance stuff… Anything by Benny Benassi, Dj Tiesto, or Deadmau5 were my go songs. It wasn’t until I first saw Rusko at Cochella last April that I got […]