Piercing screams erupted from the mass of people crowding the JetBlue stage as Twenty One Pilots‘ banner was raised. Signs reading “Thank You |-/” and “We get it. Not everyone will.” lined the barricade. This was my second time at Boston Calling, and my third time seeing Twenty One Pilots live; however, it was my first time experiencing them in […]

Hello, friends! Here I am, four-ish months since my last Twenty One Pilots concert review, and I am still completely obsessed. I went to see them live at the House of Blues on Thursday, and without fail, the show was sold out. For good reason, too. The house opened with Hunter Hunted and NONONO, who […]

Artist to Watch: Smallpools

I saw Smallpools open for Twenty One Pilots this week and w-o-w are they good. The New Jersey natives kinda remind me of a mix between Passion Pit and The Mowgli’s because lead singer Sean Scanlon has Michael Angelakos’s high-pitch vocals but it has the sunny, happy beat that The Mowgli’s are known for. Currently, […]

Mashup Monday: "Safe in Silence" - Dr. Brixx

Thank goodness for modern technology. Without it, we’d be without this awesome mix of two great songs. “Car Radio” by Twenty One Pilots is one of my all-time favorite songs (by one of my all-time favorite bands). “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities is a completely different genre of music, but it’s steadily been growing […]

This song might not actually be of the moment considering it was released months ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bust my eardrums blasting one of my all-time favorite pop-punk bands at max volume from all portable music devices. Constantly. I was lucky enough to see Panic! At The Disco back in September with […]

Twenty One Pilots tear it up at Paradise

When everyone said that the Twenty One Pilots show was sold out, I definitely underestimated the number of people that would eventually crowd into the Paradise Rock Club this past Tuesday, December 2nd. The sardine analogy would be an understatement. Doors opened at 7:02 sharp and the opening bands took the stage soon after. Sirah, the first opener, […]

Artists to Watch: Twenty One Pilots

My friend highly recommended this crazy duo after they opened for Fall Out Boy back in September. I didn’t get to listen to them until now, but wow. Wow. What have I been missing?  Twenty One Pilots is the real deal. They sound like a mix of Passion Pit, Train, Vampire Weekend, and Eminem. I […]