April 29, 2014

Concert Review: Betty Who

After attending the Betty Who concert a couple weeks ago, I am solidly forever a part of the Who Crew (I even have a button to prove it). Betty Who rocked the stage with her almost all female band (her drummer was a male) and the Berklee College of Music graduate did her degree justice. The night began with her two opening acts, Cardinox and Zak Waters.

Cardinox had an Icona Pop feel to their music and pumped up the audience for the night. Later on, Zak Waters took the stage with his suave voice and body rolling dance moves. As the opening acts continued, people began to fill in to Paradise Rock Club, and I found myself surrounded by a sea of Who Crewers. By far my favorite audience members were a group of guys wearing cut out white tanks that said “#Bettydudes”. They were definitely bringing their A game. 

Betty Who opened up her set with “Heartbreak Dream”, the newest single from her EP Slow Dancing. She and the gang all had on Betty Who gear, with the band wearing cardigans and her donning a banging varsity jacket. Sporting a crop top and matching skirt, she danced on stage while she sang favorites such as “You’re in Love” and even covered a classic Destiny’s Child song (Say my name, say my name, if no one is around you, say baby I love you). 

Hands down, one of the best moments of the concert was when during “Somebody Loves You”, a couple was pulled on to the stage and a marriage proposal happened! One man threw on a blazer and got down on one knee, as his partner stood shocked with roses in his hand. Of course, he said yes. It was really quite a beautiful scene and I hope that one day, my wedding proposal would be just as awesome as that one. 

After finishing her set, it was long before Betty came back on stage for her encore. It was then that the night closed out with my favorite songs from her, “High Society”. By then my voice was getting hoarse, but I sang (or maybe screamed) every single word. Let’s just say I was pretty happy with this concert and will be sporting my “Chardonnay through the day cause we say so” t-shirt for the next few weeks.


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  1. Her song is featured on the College 101 Spotify playlist! There’s a ton of amazing artists on it, too. http://open.spotify.com/user/myplay.com/playlist/0VkhN48djiq7VMzTc2nuZ9


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