Hello, friends! Here I am, four-ish months since my last Twenty One Pilots concert review, and I am still completely obsessed. I went to see them live at the House of Blues on Thursday, and without fail, the show was sold out. For good reason, too.

The house opened with Hunter Hunted and NONONO, who were both very nice acts. Hunter Hunted has more of an indie pop, electronic sound, and NONONO is an alternative rock band from Sweden. I really enjoyed Hunter Hunted‘s sound, but I also think that NONONO‘s lead singer needed to have her mic turned up a bit. Overall, they were wonderful performances.

photo 2

Josh Dun crowd surfing – photo by Kyra Louie

From their last time in Boston at Paradise Rock Club, their set had not changed very much. They opened up with “Guns For Hands”, and played their encore, which consisted of “Car Radio” and “Trees”. Tyler Joseph stood on the crowd during “Holding On To You”, and Josh Dun (see above image) did a drum solo while crowd surfing during “Semi Automatic”.

Mind you, these feats are spectacular when seen for the first (or second, or third, or…any) time.

My only critique of the show was that there wasn’t enough time for more than one talk break.

The band’s cover of choice was “Mad World” by Gary Jules. They played two songs off their second album, Regional At Best (“Anathema” and “Forest”), one song from their debut, self-titled album (“Isle of Flightless Birds”), and they played every song except for “Truce” from Vessel.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the show; I haven’t listened to anything but Twenty One Pilots since the show. It’s just that Tyler did a lot more talking at Paradise. That safe feeling wasn’t all there at this concert, but that was only because they decided to play more music than talk, which is fine.

I’m happy to know that my favorite band is getting more popular. They deserve everything, and it’s nice to know that we in the Skeletøn Clique have more people to bond with. If you haven’t checked them out before, you really should. Their music touches on angsty topics, yes, but that’s what makes them so relatable. It’s like their music is showing us that we’re not alone in our problems and that we just have to persevere.

The cheering was deafening, and I hate to admit it, but this was my first time crying at a concert. They are so wonderful live. And I can’t begin to explain how much this band means to me. Tyler‘s words have been echoing in my head.

“We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”

photo 3

Twenty One Pilots at the House of Blues — photo by Kyra Louie

Feature image: Tyler Joseph standing on crowd — photo by Kyra Louie


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