September 11, 2014

Bleachers in Boston

On Saturday afternoon, Bleachers, started and led by Fun.‘s lead guitarist Jack Antonoff, played their first show in Boston at Boston Calling. Although this was the third time I had seen them within a span of five months, they did not disappoint. It just so happened that they had been at every festival I had attended this summer, and it felt right that I would end my festival season with them.

Bleachers released their album Strange Desires back in July and their hit “I Wanna Get Better” has risen in the Top 100 charts.

Strange Desires has become my summer anthem and go to playlist for short road trips. With its indie pop feel and 80’s beat, there’s no doubt that it’ll get stuck in your head for awhile.

Bleachers delivers on stage just as well as they do on their album. They got the crowd going with “Rollercoaster” and “Wild Heart”. However, I must say my favorite and one of the best songs off their album would be “Shadow”.

I’m quite happy to see that the Boston Calling crowd enjoyed Bleachers. Here’s to hoping they come back soon!


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